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Custom Design

Cost of a custom Design for Web site

You are probably exploring options and wondering how much you would have to spend to create your own custom design for website that you can actually be proud of. Let’s face it; just about anyone (ourselves included)  could design a $500 website …. a stock photo, some text to match, and presto! But the question is: will this meet your organization’s needs, goals, and your marketing objectives? Certainly not!

A web presence that increases conversions and helps you build strong customer relationships requires a comprehensive strategic plan that is as unique as your business. We will work with you to determine a detailed strategy that ultimately becomes the blueprint (and benchmark) for your project’s success. Below, we explain each phase of our design process and some cost guidelines:

Custom Web design process

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Discovery, Research, and Strategy Development

“It’s really amazing what happens when we take the time to listen, question, research and analyze… The path becomes clearer and the solutions virtually create themselves”

This phase is where we get to ‘know your organization’. Our web strategy development process starts with a discovery of your business. First, we learn more about your organization — your market position, target audience, and generally how you do business — through your creative brief submission in orders to create a road map for the website.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included here:

  • Competitive Analysis: Your competitors share your target audience. So, naturally we start the strategy process with a competitive analysis of the features, functionality and content that they provide on their sites. This gives us ideas for how you can provide a better experience for users.
  • User Experience (UX) research: Stakeholder interactions are absolutely essential for creating more impactful web experiences. Once we have a clear overview of your users, we’ll give your target audience an audience by employing ‘traditional’ User Experience (UX) research practices including: stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and online surveys in order to get a deeper understanding of their perspectives and ideas. This collaborative process gives your audience a chance to be heard and often provides honest feedback that generates great ideas for creating more impactful web experiences and better communicating with your users. We then employ regression analysis to determine exactly which independent or causal variables change or contribute to user behaviors.
  • Initial Meetings & Discussion: We allocate time for up to two office or online meetings of up to 2 hours per meeting, during which we brainstorm and share ideas with members of your team to set the direction for the project. During this process, we discuss, refine, and edit your design brief until a final brief has been agreed upon. Research findings will also be reviewed and discussed.
  • UX Design and Website Architecture: We work with you to create a user interface and website architecture that is designed with your goals and your users’ needs in mind. The goal here is to ensure that your website is designed to maximize usability and user experience, based on the results of the UX research.
  • Sales and Conversion Strategy: Using tactics such as: performing online surveys and conducting focus groups with your target audience, we get a deeper understanding of your customers’ perspectives and ideas – how they buy, why they buy and how they prefer to buy or learn more. Based on this we are able to deliver an engagement plan, including: landing pages, calls-to-action, offers, follows, etc that lets your customers drive the experience and feel as though you are reaching out to help them, not sell them.

The cost for Discovery & Strategy Planning: starts at GH¢ 1,250 for most projects.

Website Design & Creative

This phase includes the actual art work that forms the core of your web presence and structure. Literally hundreds of layers, images and graphics; as well as colours, photography, typography, and subtle elements are used to create a web experience that engages and inspires. Here’s a breakdown of what’s involved here:

  • Homepage style & Design: The homepage is the most important aspect of your website and where we focus the bulk of the design time. A typical homepage has many parts, including the header, menus, main display area, secondary content area, widget areas and footer
  • Animated homepage scenes: Customized imagery and messaging that expands your site beyond a single static page and into an interactive media that delivers multi-tiered messaging such as a brand overview, a service or product specific message, an offer or promo, value propositions, etc.
  • Interior / Sub-page styles: The sub pages interact with your customers as they move through your site. At times there are multiple unique sub-page styles needed. We include two unique styles in our package.
  • Blog Style: Your blog is one of the fastest ways to build a web presence, promote your brand, and interact with potential customers. A unique blog design is included that matches the rest of your website and contains interactive elements to engage your audience.
  • CSS & Typography: Controls the look and feel of all textual content on the site, from headers, to page content, charts, bullets, call to actions and more

Cost for Web Design Phase: From GH¢ 1,650 to 2,850

Coding & CMS Implementation

Once your site design has been approved, its time for our Front-End developers to dissect and reassemble the site in workable HTML code or Integrate the design into a Content Management System (CMS). We recommend WordPress, mainly for its ease of use, however, there are other options, including Drupal and Joomla. Here’s an overview of how this is all put together:

  • All your graphics, animations, styles, content, etc are coded and integrated into your CMS. This is an extremely time consuming process which involves lots of testing and tweaks to get it ‘done right’.
  • A MENU system will be incorporated using sophisticated menu styles which help visitors navigate the site and locate key content with ease.
  • Your CMS also enables you modify your content, add new pages, add menu items, images, blogs, landing pages and much more WITHOUT any HTML knowledge!
  • We provide training for your CMS so your designated user can make required changes. For advanced support we have website maintenance packages.

Cost for CMS & Coding: Setup at GH¢ 1,250 plus GH¢ 150 per page.