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Domain Name Reseller

URHITECH Web Solution offers the most flexible and cheapest domain names in the industry. We give you the chance to extend this business to your clients or start your own domain name service with our Hottest domain name reseller service.

We offer a one-stop platform which allows you, your Resellers and your Customers to buy, sell and manage various gTLD and ccTLD Domain Names.

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Our domain name reseller service has the following features:
  •  Low Wholesale Prices
  • FREE with EVERY Domain Name: DNS Service, Privacy Protection and much more…
  • White labeled Domain names – All domain names are registered through a white labeled Domain Registrar. Your Customers cannot discover us
  • A comprehensive basket of TLDs for your Customers and Resellers
  • A ready-made private labeled website (SuperSite) to sell Domain Names to your Customers
  • A ready-made private labeled website (PartnerSite) to sign up Resellers under you for reselling Domain Names
  • Private labeled Control Panels for you, your Resellers and your Customers to manage Domain Names
  • A powerful API to allow you to integrate Domain Names within your website and Control Panels
Domain Name Management Features
  • Manage Name Servers
  • Manage Child Name servers (Host Records) associated with a domain name
  • Renew/Delete/Suspend/Unsuspend/Lock/Unlock domain names
  • Bulk Modify/Lock/Suspend Domain Names
  • Bulk Modify Domain name associated Contact information
  • Specify default contact information or nameservers to be used for all new Domain Names
  • Brand your Whois output – You and your Resellers get a Dedicated completely brandable Whois page and Whois server so that your brand identity is displayed no matter where the whois request is performed from.
  • Apply for the Restoration of a deleted domain name which is processed automatically
  • Additionally if you are an Accredited Registrar for gTLDs, you can manually approve or cancel Domain Transfer requests

Our System automatically handles the following tasks in the background – gTLD Domain Transfer Processing – Our System automatically parses the Whois output of every Registrar and extracts the Administrative contact email address of a domain name to send out emails for requesting transfer approvals.

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